Due to the Covid-19 pandemic delays in production and delivery of the ordered equipment led to the delays in realization of the project deliverables. In order to prevent significant delays in realization of the project tasks, alternative inelastic light scattering setup was fully developed fulfilling all the requirements for conducting experiment.

Moreover, the setup was designed in a way to allow easy and fast modifications depending on particular experiment requirements. Based on the acquired experience and availability of components, team members are continuing to further develop the setup.

In Figure 1 is presented light scattering setup.

FIG 1. Schematic representation of the inelastic light scattering experimental setup


The results of measurements, as final verification of successful setup, are summarized in publication Evolution of lattice, spin, and charge properties across the phase diagram of FeSe1−xSx

In Figure 2 the photography of upgraded light scattering setup is presented.

FIG 2. Photo of new experimental setup